Rumen Basheff (Austin, TX)

Mature Content Warning – While within artistic context, this website and blog contains material only suitable for Mature Viewers.  It contains images with nudity and shibari type positions.  These images are Not Safe For Work (NSFW). If you are under the age of 18 or if nudity offends you, please do not enter and please leave nowOtherwise, enjoy my art.


Capture -ize me. Seeking sponsors! If you love shibari the way I do it, please consider supporting me on Patreon. The pledge levels start from a $1. Many instructional videos and discussion of ties are included at higher levels. Your support is always used solely for equipment to put out more interesting ties or educational videos.

Private Photo Sessions. I offer 3-hour photo shoots indoors or outdoors. I do stress on preparation and mutual idea drafting in advance so that the final image has novel artistic value that fulfills both sides.

Private Shibari Sessions to discharge fear, self limiting beliefs and judgment, blame, and disgrace, delivering deep thoughtful states in a joy of stillness and peace, into vulnerability and surrender, power and freedom. Bring the brain to a new sensual pasture where sacred intimacy, emotional release and shibari are a form of intense meditation.

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Rope! Specializing in rope bondage and suspensions with a side interest in photography. I express the graceful flow of the human body in rope, celebrating beauty and power and shape, inspired by the ways people craft, build, and sculpt their bodies. I find the body fascinating – not just when presented for a competition. We all have control of our bodies during daily living: we develop strength and flexibility, endurance, power, body-centered spirituality and energy.

Rope enhances what a body can do and allows a pose to last longer. It often replaces musculature that quickly becomes fatigued in non-rope holds or hangs. A second person, the rope artist, guides the spirit and drives the effort, the determination, courage, commitment and endurance to achieve. I utilize the body as an artistic canvas, molding and shaping the aesthetic form using ropes as the brush. The emotional energy is the paint providing shading.

Many people regard the connections created within rope as exclusively sexual or erotic, or a Dominant/Submissive practice. This is not correct. There are many forms of emotional connection associated with the practice of shibari, of which, I like best the spiritual and healing. The person in rope develops feelings of absolute trust, safety, and personal surrender which lead to physical and emotional release. The person applying rope has a deep empathy for their partner in the form of nurture and protection. This form of connection penetrates one’s spiritual realm, becomes extremely rewarding for both sides.

Each of my ties is a unique, special memory.

The human form bound in beautiful shapes.